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The terminal part of the vertebrate leg upon which an individual stands.

Is your foot in distress?

Signs of a Foot in DistressCenter for Postural Correction

Foot pain is not random and does not have to be a part of life. The problems here are far more likely to be caused by, first and foremost, lack of support, ill-fitted shoes, and daily activity. Configuration of the foot is a variable, easily modified with custom foot orthotics. Distributed equally, weight-bearing converts the foot from a rigid lever to a shock absorber in a fraction of a second every time you take a step. Over time, when your feet are not able to properly absorb the shock of the ground meeting them day after day, your feet are forced into compromised sub-optimal alignment. Bones become stressed, joints can deform, nerves may become compressed, causing your toes and feet to begin to look odd, eventually leading to chronic foot pain.

Because your feet are the foundation that your body depends upon, feet that are compromised begin to cause problems in other parts of your body. The nerves and joints of your foot that are under duress will directly effect movement and alignment of the knee, leg, back and neck. This, in turn, can cause knee deterioration, chronic back, leg, neck pain, headaches, and problems with your TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint in your jaw), as well as problems with your balance.

It would be impossible to maintain your home and keep it in good repair year after year on a crooked foundation. Your body is no different. A body at peak performance is your best chance of extended good health and function. Any structure is very hard to maintain with an unstable foundation. If your structure is constantly trying to balance itself on an unstable footing, eventually any structure will become tired of compensating and begin to wear out.

Custom Orthotics made just for you can help improve the quality of your daily life and help to keep problems already in existence from getting worse. Remember, your feet are the foundation of your body and, unlike the foundation of a house which can be torn apart and rebuilt, you are given one pair of feet per life time.

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