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Plainly stated, by optimizing performance from its origin, pain and discomfort is reduced. Optimizing foot and structural configuration can reduce foot, knee, hip, back, neck and even TMJ problems. Of great importance is the fact that we can also keep these problems from developing or worsening with the passing of time. We accomplish this by using custom foot orthotics that fit in your shoes and balance your feet and your posture.

Center for Postural Control     Center for Postural Control

For more than 25 years we have dedicated our life's work to improving the function of the human body by balancing the foundation that the body rests upon - Your Feet. By leveling and balancing your feet, your body achieves mechanical efficiency, reducing recurring musculoskeletal discomfort and pain. The Center for Postural Correction has treated patients for a variety of ailments related to a compromised foundation and posture.

Our Staff

Alan Hood
- Licensed Orthotist/ Owner
Michael Serrano - Licensed Orthotist/ Certified Pedorthotist
Vernon Batey - Orthopedic Shoe Technician

Fitting Your Orthotics - What To Expect

Instructions For the Use of Custom Molded Orthotics

  1. If your shoes have a "sock liner" or insert, you may remove it from your shoe. This will give you greater depth and a more stable base in which to place your orthotic. If you wear a heel lift, place it below your orthotic. (REMEMBER: Tie shoes work best with our standard orthotic.)

  2. When first wearing orthotics, they may feel lumpy. You should wear your orthotics until first signs of discomfort; then remove them, replace the liner of your shoe, and allow your feet to relax. Repeat this process through out the day until they are comfortable. This break in period can last 7-10 days on average. If by the end of two weeks you are not wearing your orthotics comfortably, call our office for an appointment. A slight alteration will be made that will enable you to continue with the program. (If you are an out-of-town client, you may return them by mail, with a description of your complaint). Please always include your name, address and telephone number.

  3. Further correction - Our program is designed to alter your orthotics over a period of 3-5 months. The first change will occur about 4 weeks from picking up your orthotics. Five adjustments are included with the price of your orthotic program within the first year of purchase. All orthotic adjustments are made on an appointment basis. Please call our office 5 days prior to needing your appointment. If you are being treated by a physician, they may advise you on the adjustments made to your orthotics. If you are an out of-town client, you may return your orthotics for correction by priority mail or UPS. Please include your name, address and telephone number along with any information you might deem important as to your orthotic adjustment. Your orthotics will be adjusted and sent back within 1-2 days using priority mail, unless other arrangements have been made.