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The foot is a simple design upon which your body is dependent. The Center for Postural Correction designs and hand crafts custom foot orthotics for the pedestrian as well as athletic performance. The ideal configuration of the foot results in overall configuration of the body. This balance improves your posture and performance reducing mechanical stress and creating more efficient use of your body. We make what we sell. We stand behind what we make. From dress shoes to running shoes, we can improve your performance and reduce your complaint. Our goal is to make every day a better day for you.

We offer over 25 years of experience in all phases of shoe repair. We are an authorized dealer and repair center for Birkenstock®. We can also build and modify shoes to fit any special need or circumstance that you may have. We are happy to work with any practitioners to create a shoe that will meet your requirements, as well as fit your feet properly..



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YOUR individuality is what makes us different!

Our orthotics are handcrafted for your specific foot needs - unlike companies who mass produce arch supports in large quantities and hope that they will fit. Our custom orthotics are more than just an arch support because by definition an orthotic creates mechanical change. Our orthotics work to balance your entire body starting at your feet, which helps to correct your posture. After you are fitted with your custom orthotics, we are there for you to follow your progress. Our program is a comprehensive program that includes follow-up returns and adjustments, if needed, to ensure a more positive end result.